Abby and Snow Take Over

Hey, it’s Abby and Snow, and today we’re taking over Alex’s blog because we have a few things to say. We met Alex, who is my owner and Abby met her owners, Alex’s sister and her boyfriend when we were four weeks. At six weeks our mum told us (we’re sibling so we have the same mum) that it was time to go home with our humans. So, when they came back, we put our charm on and gave them a licking bath.

They gave us name tags and collars, and we slept and cuddled together all the time at first, then we figured out that there a world to explore. The best things to bite are socks, shoes, pants and sister did you know that I love tasting on the wall corners? Then there was this kind man who put a little microchip under the skin so that if we get lost whoever finds us will know who our humans are. Abby, don’t forget that we took our first bath.

I felt a pain in my leg, and the next thing I remember is me with this weird cone around my face, and I couldn’t see or smell Abby anywhere, but I was sleepy so, I slept. When I woke up, I smelt Abby in the air and my humans’ YAY, they came for me!

Snow, do you remember when they took us to the beach for the first time? They rolled all over the sand, and my brother likes the water, but I don’t. It’s time for us to go play so till next time.


Abby and Snow

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