Factors About Why We Eat What We Eat Part 1

The question of why we eat what we eat is in every health-related textbook known to man no matter the decade, the reason being that food is vital for us to stay alive. Everyone has life factors upon which is decided what the person will be consuming. Some of the elements in question can be any health condition you might have, the budget allocated to purchasing food, the climate you live in, your culture and religion and your gender and age.

I want to start off, with where we are eating due to our fast-paced lives the place where we eat our meals has changed over the years, we no longer consume our food around a table as a family and reasons for that may vary.

Have you never heard of the term ‘deskfast’, this is when you eat the first meal of the day, which is breakfast at your job on your desk and why is having breakfast is essential you might ask, and the answer is in the word itself when split the word breakfast it becomes breaking the fast that your body did during the night so you need food to kick start your metabolism.

I find that drive-thru’s have become the new way we are consuming our food that has more popular in the last decade and like everything else in life this has its pros and cons. Like having food ready for you to grab at any time you want since most of them stay open for 24 hours a day at a cheaper price with no dishes to wash afterwards.

However, if you look at the flip of things most of the food that you get from a drive-thru is basically just pure fat with very little proper nutrition and to add salt to injury the packaging that the food is given in is most times non reusable which creates even more waste that will enter into the environment.


3 thoughts on “Factors About Why We Eat What We Eat Part 1

  1. Fast food or drive thru is an addiction. The salt content is not only extremely unhealthy but the all that bread and fat…ugh. Now with things like Grub Hub or Skip the Dishes…you don’t even have to go to the drive thru. Sad but true.

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