Blogmas Day 31: A Year Recap

Bookish Recap

I can’t believe it’s the last day of 2019. I thought a recap of the year is in order. Let’s start with books I read around 578 books, which is 100+ books more than 2018. Cross 17,3401 pages, 45 books of which I gave five stars. The largest book that I read this year was Never Look Back by Lesley Pearse at 737 pages, and the shortest read was a novella by Lee Child titled Second Son (Jack Reacher #15.5) at 32 pages.

When it comes to LGBT+ themes or the main character who is LGBT+, I read 88 books which means that I failed this challenge because, in 2018, I read 108 books from this genre. What’s your guess of many books that I gave a one-star rating? Leave your guess in the comments and don’t cheat. The answer is 13 books, and my average rating was three stars. I have to say that there was a book that I read at the beginning of the year and I keep thinking about is I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver because I could relate with Ben a lot.

My Life

The most significant events of my whole life I believe happened this year. I had my first appointment at the gender clinic, which started my medical transition. I became Alex legally and changed my gender marker to male, which was a dream of mine since I was 8. I met some excellent trans people who helped me feel less alone and more vocal about trans issues. I was about to forget that this year my dad found out that I’m trans and he didn’t kill me and before I forget I came up and started a new writing project which I’m enjoying writing a lot.

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Happy New Year,



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