Me Rambling About New Year’s

When it comes to New Year’s traditions, my family doesn’t have any apart from dinner on New Year’s Eve. I tend to spend it reading, writing, watching movies and talk to strangers in the hopes they become my friends since all my friends in real life are all busy this time of year. But if you don’t want to spend the day like mine. Here is what you can do on the Maltese islands on the first day of the year.

Street Parties

we love to party, in the city Valletta; there is a concert in the street. Don’t forget that in Malta we are used to blue skies and sunny days the temperature range between 16 to 20 degrees Celsius, don’t let that fool you with the high humidity it can feel chiller. Most of Malta goes to the concert under the stars.

End the year in style and welcome the New Year 2020 with a bash with New Year’s Eve festivities featuring live bands, roaming children’s entertainment and fireworks on the 31st. A DJ will take over from 00.30hrs onwards with various classics and popular hits.


7:00 pm-midnight – Free children’s entertainment

9:30 pm-10:30 pm – Beesqueeze (live acoustic duo)

11:00 pm-00:30 am – SterjoTipi (live band)

11:30 pm-00:30 am – Juggling and Fire Shows (next to the Chapel)

At midnight there is a countdown followed by an aerial fireworks display

00:30 am-late – Afterparty with DJ


I still bet that I will be spending mine on my bed cuddle with my dog, music in my headphones and writing or reading. If you guys want to hang out, you can comment or message me on social media (messenger/twitter/Instagram or snapchat @ haber96). 2020 might mean a new pup for me, so stay tuned!


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