Things To Consider As A Wheelchair User When Flying

  • Try and get an extra amount of your medication just in case any of your suitcases get lost.

Image result for lost suitcases

  • Keep your medical insurance cards and a letter with all the medication you take handy.

Related image

  • Try to get a seat next to a plane exit for extra legroom.

Image result for plane exit seat

  • Leave wheelchair instructions and show where everything is to the airline personal to avoid damage.

Image result for power wheelchair instructions book

  • Check for the company who made your chair and ask them what’s best for air travelling with your chair.

Image result for power wheelchair instructions book

  • Wear comfortable and breathable clothing.

Image result for breathable clothing for men

  • Explain the way you are comfortable with to aeroplane personal when they lift you to your seat.

Image result for airline personnel lifting for wheelchair

  • Keep calm when and if issues arise.

Image result for keep calm and smile



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