Top Ten Tuesday/ Snacks And Drinks While Reading

Hosted by thatartsyreadergirl.

September 17: Favorite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading (submitted by Jana’s mom)


Image result for smoothie


Image result for cereal


Image result for a glass water and a book

Fruit Like Watermelon 

Image result for watermelon cubes and a book

Veggie Dips

Image result for veggie dip

Veggie Chips

Image result for veggie chips

Crispy Seaweed

Image result for seaweed snacks

Hot Chocolate


Related image

Tea And Coffee

Image result for tea and coffee and a book

Sweet Treats

Image result for books and cookies image

Beware that none of the photos are mine, I’m terrible at photography, so I looked for the images online.

30 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday/ Snacks And Drinks While Reading

  1. I have never tried those slices of crispy seaweed but I definitely want to. Currently I have a sugar free can of Irn Bru that I am drinking but often I drink coffee at my desk.

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  2. God bless you and your books! My Kindle and the few books I own would be a disaster if I tried to have a smoothie while I was reading. I have the grace of a dead chicken which isnt even fair to the chicken because it is dead and doesnt move

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