Weekend-A-Thon: Hour 24

 I was sorry yesterday was kind of a mess. I had a lot to do and couldn’t focus, so I’m going to take that it was a day no. I wish I had more hands to do more things, but I need to remember that I’m human and can only go at my own pace. I finished Pivot Love Where You Work #2 by Anna Pulley and Battleshipped by Savannah Scott.

I started The Art of Loving Libby Green By Bellebird James, and I do have a highlight already: If she were a colour, she’d be turquoise. Perfect on its own, but garish when combined with the wrong yellow. Colour has a way of hiding what’s underneath, so after I finish The Art of Loving Libby Green By Bellebird James. I would be done in terms of prompts.

I managed to write a post for today, but today I need to look at emails, and my writing will be next week’s posts for now because they still need to be done. Luckily, pain-wise, I’m better. I will be hosting some sprints on Discord, and you can join here.



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