Rant About Posting and Emails

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Welcome to my first rant of 2023; I was going to write about the celebrities that came out as non-binary because I think it’s essential to honour them, too, as part of the trans community. However, I’m moving that to tomorrow because I’m sitting here talking alone. So, it’s better I write it down and see if anyone can make sense of it or relate to it.

First of all, how the heck did I write page 1 of my new project and nothing else? The only things I managed to do were pre-blogging for the week and emails, and I’m going to be purely honest, one of this week’s days, I looked at the most critical emails and deleted the rest. So sorry if your post was in there and I didn’t read or like it, but it became too overwhelming.

My Instagram game is lost and has not yet been found. I stopped putting out content because I no longer have the time or more like I don’t seem able to find the time. I’m not surprised that I haven’t reached 500 followers yet, even if close to it, with eight followers away. Sadly, this week was super busy with some things at the new place, so I have liked as many posts as possible and decided to delete the rest. I had to; I had over 1100 emails, most of which I had already read and liked.



5 thoughts on “Rant About Posting and Emails

  1. You need to construct your day with built-in breaks. You seem to be endlessly in motion, which exhausts you and makes you burn out. You have much you want to do, but you’re failing to consider that YOU are the one that needs the most TLC so the rest can happen. I wish you well and hope you find the energy to reach your goals.


  2. Alex, You seemed over-whelmed. I try to post once per day. I do social media for the restaurant I work at and we use programs to set posts to post all week. Like right now on here, I am set to post through 1/27. I don’t post on instagram because my account is private. My younger daughter was being bullied by people looking through my instagram for old pictures of her. High school is a mess. Take a breath. If someone posts 20 times, read 1 thing and like it. You don’t have to like every post. I post extra on days where I do a word prompt. I hope you are enjoying your readathon. I finished the book. But my next book seems meh.

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