Is WordPress Dying?

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Is blogging dying? That’s a tricky question to answer because there are a few views that you need to look at. Being that my blog is a WordPress blog that’s what I can judge on. To give you an idea of how my blog is doing, I have about 1k in follows, and I get about 1.5 views per month.


I have the cheapest plan when talking about WordPress, and that is 48 euros per year. Having said that I haven’t a cent from my site. The package I’m on allows me to have some Wordads. However, it doesn’t allow Google AdSense. Comparing the two Google AdSense ads pay more.

The ‘New’ WordPress Editor

I had seen a lot of bloggers I followed disappear when the lastest editor became the only opinion. Some couldn’t figure out how it all works, and I don’t blame them. Then, you have another group of bloggers were due to restrictions they could no longer or even worst couldn’t have to their own blog.

Personally, I haven’t found it very user friendly, and I had to contact WordPress support multiple times. No matter how much they tried to help, it still takes me longer just to post. Before, when you went to schedule a post in the older editor, the calendar is used to circle the date if you have a post already scheduled. They no longer have that which made me mess up a time or two, which’s annoying.

What are your thoughts about the current WordPress? Let’s chat in the comments!


25 thoughts on “Is WordPress Dying?

  1. I hate the block editor, as it seems many people do. But I don’t think people realise that the old “classic editor” (NOT classic blocks) IS still available – you just have to get to it through a few extra clicks, and there seems to be only one path to it. Go via the WP admin tab, then Posts, then Add new but choose the “classic editor” option from the drop-down menu. No blocks.
    I can see that blocks can work for a lot of things, but it sucks for poetry, which is what I mostly have on my site. I’m fairly new to WP, just one year, but am enjoying being part of a community of writers, especially poets.

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  2. I hate the new WordPress editor though as I’m on a free plan I haven’t bothered contacting them about it. I have far fewer views than you but I think it’s still worthwhile. I think a lot of people may have given up with WordPress though

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  3. I guess it’s different for me because I rebooted my blog on WordPress this August, right after the launch of the editor, after long years of absence.

    So I’ve been using it from the start and haven’t had any difficulties (outside of half of the features not working in the reader) so I never really understood the hate.

    And since my start in August I’ve found myself a lovely active audience and some 1800 followers, in a span on less than 6 months – so to answer the question: No, I definitely don’t think WordPress or blogging is dying. Just evolving 😊🤷‍♀️


  4. I’ve also noticed a big change in the number of those blogging and responding, since the change over. I still use the Classic Editor. If I had to use the other one I would quit too. I’m glad you said something, because I thought I might be the only one who was noticing that.

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  5. I wish I could add an opinion. I have had a blog on blogger for years now and am still very new to WordPress. Having said that, I am still learning and considering saving up my meager funds to upgrade to a paid WP platform.

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  6. I only have 100 ish followers, and most look like spam accounts. The total lack of interest, views and likes is disheartening at times but I try to remember I mostly blog so I don’t get out of practice writing in general.
    As for the new block style editor I hate it. I do most of my Blogging from my phone and it just harder to use than the classic model.

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  7. I see WordPress is currently very powerful, Why not, usually I use a lot of plugins only for trivial matters and this really makes my site burdened. Now everything is in the Block Editor.
    Even though the subscription is the lowest plan, you still have the opportunity to join WordAds by submitting an application, after reviewing your blog will be approved if it meets the requirements. Keep up the spirit, friend


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