A Cat Named Rabbit

If you’re fed up of hearing bad news like me, my aim today is to try and maybe bring a smile to your face. If you think that cats aren’t smart the story, I’m about to tell you might change your mind. As we all know strays, cats and dogs need to use all their intelligence to survive on the streets.

I first saw this story when one of the blogs I follow posted a link to a blog called Bored Panda article. And even if I have three dogs, this story brought me joy, and I hope it warms your heart too. At the end of that article that was a Facebook page for this cat. So, I went on there and asked the person who adopted the cat she named Rabbit.

This intelligent cat learnt how to be a people pleaser and with his charisma and affection as his mum told me open people’s heart. He then would lead them to the cat food section, and with his claw, he would point to the food he wants. Seeing how sweet and smart this cat is, people would agree to buy it for him. He stayed at the shop until they closed for the day.

The people who are now his family thought that his owner might live close by, but when they asked around, they found out that he was a stray. They decided to adopt him, he has a family that loves him and all the food he wants. He also has a best friend, another cat that the family has also adopted. His family told me that he’s very polite and wants to protect everyone. If you want more of Rabbit, please check out his social media down below.

rabbit_elgato Instagram
Rabbit The Cat Facebook


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