Top Ten Tuesday/ My Bookish Party

Hosted by thatartsyreadergirl.

May 5: Things I’d Have at My Bookish Party (choose 10 things: items, accessories, foods, people (real or fictional), decorations, activities, etc.)

A Party for One

Since what is going on around the world, most of us are still in quarantine so you can light a candle grab a drink and read.

Bookish Snacks

Everyone can bring their favourite snack while they read and share food and stories around

Bookish Maze

Creating a maze-like space with your books and clues.


Everyone can dress up as their favourite character.


Look at the books you love the most and create a theme about it.

Video Games

I heard that there are some bookish games you can play while listening to the book.

Do A Read-long

Some you can be with your friends right now; you can read together online.

A Hidden Door

You know what would be a cool thing a hidden in your bookshelf.

Watch Movies

You can watch a book to movie/series adaption.

DIY Bookmarks

Giving my friends bookmarks about books they love sounds perfect.


Décorating each room to a book you love.

Coffee, Food, Drink, Hottest, Leaves, Winter, Cold

I’m no good at parties, but I wanted to give this a try, and I believe I didn’t do too bad.


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