Blogmas Day 16: How Dare You Grow Up Without The Web?

What if I was normal? What I mean is what if I was able-bodied and not a trans man? The first that comes to mind why do I have this desire to be ‘normal’ when ‘being normal’ by society norms are so over-rated?

I first had access to the internet when I was 11, and if you consider everything, I started using the web way late in my life. I grew up in a family where we didn’t have a lot of money and since, writing by hand is painful for me due to some messed up nerves in my hand. We use to get second hand pcs, and what I mean by that is I would get the computer that someone else has got rid of but as the English saying says one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Its kind comforts me to know that I lived without being connected to the web.

My question to myself is how I would feel without the internet in today’s life?

I think my honest answer is that I don’t think I would fair too well because even to chat with my friends who live here in Malta. Because due to our busy and stressful lives we can’t find a time to meet in person.

For me, the web created a space for freedom in writing in the form of a blog which helps me to get out what I’m feeling without having to voice it no matter my gender or the ability of my body and that in my eyes is what in a sense makes feel normal or my normal I might say.

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