Blogmas Day 7: Mental Health And The Holidays

My depression during the holidays isn’t something that I talked or been open up about outside of therapy sessions. The reason being it feels that around that the holiday season you’re only allowed to be happy and love yourself and don’t get wrong there is anything wrong with feeling like that. It’s kind of embarrassing to feel alone at 24 with a room full of family members.

Around Christmas time, my friends seem to be all busy with their life’s parties and events, and it doesn’t feel right to bother them with my emotions. With parties come food and that’s one of my biggest triggers which puzzles up to be an uncomfortable environment, it’s like trying to scream when you’re voiceless. To make things I like most people around the world get time off from work which leaves my mind freer time to overthink, which isn’t always a good thing.

How do I cope, you might ask? Trick number one is to surround my life with books to read so I can put my imagination into another world. If you have seen my last few posts, you can guess that I love Christmas movies and watching a movie is a way to get my mind away from overthinking. Another way is reading people’s posts and find new blogs to follow, and as a bonus it makes new friendships. Another trick is research, plan, pre-blog and reading comments.

What I have going for me this Christmas? A new writing project I’m working on, I doubt that my friends will leave me alone. Taking part in some readathons this month which will be fun and hopefully take part in some reading sprints plus I want to do my best to spend time with my family and go on family outings so wish me luck!


What are your plans this Christmas? Tell me in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 7: Mental Health And The Holidays

  1. Some time, we’re going to visit my boyfriend’s mother…only a day trip because of the wood stove. Other than that, staying home, maybe do some local exploring so I can get some pics for my blog!
    I too get depressed over the holidays, not that bad, but it’s there…both of my parents have gone on to heaven and my sister is no longer in the picture.

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