What Love Might Be..

Once in a while, I sit down, get my notes out and write what I’m feeling on the page. What does the word love mean to me? I mean, there are so many ways to give and see love. Sometimes all it takes is one word or a smile to light someone up. In spite of what I just said, I and self-love have always been in a fight especially when it comes to my body because my body yells one gender and my mind another and I feel that they can never be buddies.

As a child, the only way to feel that deep affection was with animals. Don’t get me wrong; I loved and love my family to death, but my relationship with animals is something different I guess because they don’t prejudice as humans do, they accept you just as you are no matter of gender, life mistakes or race. I’m still alive thanks to them because I suck at making a relationship with a human, I think that the fact that I haven’t seriously dated and don’t plan to in more than a year tells you something. Will, I ever find love? Who knows?

What does love mean to you? Tell me in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “What Love Might Be..

  1. I’m not fond of humans either. Animals have always been my furry little angels! However, once in a while, I connect with another human and I treasure that connection so greatly that I’ll go through anything to keep them! That to me is my definition of true love and friendship. It’s rare but beautiful.

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  2. To me, true love is knowing someone inside and out, and accepting every part of them. Not all love is complete love like this, but I believe that through respect and kindness, people can show a basic kind of love to everyone.

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