From Homeless To Fame

When I heard about this video going viral, I knew I wanted to post about it so, here we go. It all started when a Los Angeles police officer met this homeless woman singing operatically and decided to film her than posted the video on the twitter of Los Angeles Police Department where it received tones of views it’s where the whole story took a turn for the better for Emily Zamourka. She was singing Puccini’s O Mio Babbino Caro.

When Emily moved to the US from Russia at the age of 24, hoping for a better life. Russia is where she learnt how to play the piano, violin the way she learnt how to sing was by imitating opera singers she told Los Angeles Times. TMZ has reported that Ms Zamourka got offered a recording contract by a well-known producer and to be honest, I think she didn’t accept and I don’t know the real reasons behind that decision.

Some people doubted that she was homeless because of her clean appearance; however, a spokesperson for Los Angeles City Council Branimir Kvartuc confirmed that Emily has been living on the streets for three years. Most twitter comments were along the lines of “Her voice is amazing! I hope for her a great life. Thank you to the fantastic police officer who recognised the beauty in her voice and shared it on social media. This story just made my day!”

A few viewers that pages and a GoFundMe to help find her housing and replace her violin that has ended up stolen and destroyed while she was playing it on the street to earn some money, in my opinion, for a person to do something so evil is inhuman to me. As a whole, the pages raised up to thousands of dollars and has been backed by Los Angeles City Council.

The city council has offered her a singing gig at an Airbnb, in spite of that offer they are worried that because Emily likes to feed birds, therefore, making it harder on her to adjust in an environment that the birds might not be allowed which might cause her to decline the offer of help. What do you guys think, let me know in the comments below and remember guys don’t judge a book by its cover!




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