Lovestruck (Lucky in Love #3) by Lila Monroe

Will Cassidy is a man that guy that everyone dreams of being. He’s handsome, charming and everyone wants to be his friend. If you take everything at face value, you start to think I won’t stand how much of an asshole and fake this guy is but if you read between the lines, you’ll get a different view of the man. Whose built an eco- friendly super-luxe tropical resort, but he did it with hard work, not his family money or power.

Ruby is the PR of YouTubers and media influences alike. She created her business; Walters PR. Ruby’s best friend is getting married at a tropical resort forcing Ruby to take her first-ever vacation since Ruby opened her business. However, when she meets her old college friend Will at the airport, she is brought back in her haunting past and the broken heart caused by Will Cassidy himself.

I’m giving Lovestruck (Lucky in Love #3) by Lila Monroe a rating of three out of five stars. It’s a great book to read by the beach since it doesn’t require a ton of thought to understand what’s going on to enjoy it. It’s an easy guilty pleasure that will fulfil your romance needs.

Okay so with this review comes an end to a series I created from the post My Friends Choose My Next Reads Kindle Edition, where I said I would read and review all their picks and I kept my word and did so. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my reviews just as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Question: am I the only person who doesn’t like naked people on book covers?


Lovestruck (Lucky in Love, #3)

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