My Trip To Cyprus

Thoughts On The Flight


Back in March, my family decided as a family that we want to go on holiday. We first picked the UK, but that was expensive for our budget then we thought about Amsterdam, but that ended up causing the same issue that we had with the UK proving to be too pricey for us. So, we had to go back to the drawing board and rethink. We ended up picking Cyprus, and I said yes without even knowing where Cyprus is! If I were a smart man, I would have checked about it before saying yes to the holiday, but who says I’m smart?

After thinking about it, my first thought was, is this island Lgbt+ friendly? Since as you guys know, I’m transgender and I’m fully aware of homophobic crimes around the world, and I don’t know how safe it is for me there. I think it’s about the right time to tell you guys that I haven’t flown out of Malta for the last 11 years. So, problem number two was will my nine thousand wheelchair handle the flight I don’t know if you guys don’t realise my chair is my legs and without it, I can’t go anywhere so to say I was worried about it getting damaged is overrated. (P.S my chair survived).




We decided to fly with Emirates, and it was worth it. The aeroplane was smooth; the food we were offered was tasted even in economy class. I watched A Dog’s Journey which is an adaption of the book A Dog’s Journey (A Dog’s Purpose #2) by W. Bruce Cameron which I read as soon as I got back home. I know this might sound negative, but the thought of how little I ‘ve to look forward to in Malta, apart from the fact that my family lives here nothing much.

We stayed at the Electra holiday complex hotel which I give a rating of two and a half stars out of five. The reason for my rating is because of the food, drinks and wheelchair friendly; however, I might say that I couldn’t shower for those five days because the bathroom room wasn’t wide enough for my chair to go in the bathroom. So, thank god for wet wipes and bed baths. I also thought that the bar and pool were bare and very pleasing. The big thing that bothered me was that they would clean our room every other day and that can make some people uncomfortable.

Overall, the streets where we stayed were very accessible compared to Malta which gave me a ton of freedom and I went out a lot more there. Sadly, the same week that I was aboard it was pride week in Malta, and of course I couldn’t split myself in two, so I couldn’t be there my family didn’t tell me the dates till everything was booked so I had no choice. Therefore, I asked my friend if they knew anyone from the LGBT+ community in Cyprus and they got me in contact with Despina  who I was honoured to meet and was able to ask questions about the LGBT+ community in Cyprus and was able to celebrate in our own way.

I enjoyed Cyprus to the point where I wanted to stay there, and if I weren’t a wheelchair user, therefore, needing to depend on the help of someone else, I would have stayed for real.


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