Plans And TBR For January 2022

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I hope big plans like seeing the place we hope to move in in the coming days. My biggest concerns are all around accessibility. I know it’s a brand-new build, and it was built with the aim to make wheelchair friendly. Some people don’t understand that the needs of a wheelchair user aren’t the same across the board. Areas I worry about are elevators and bathrooms.

My chair is slightly bigger than the standard size since its custom made for my need. I have the same problem with the bathroom because I use a shower chair to shower, so I need the shower to be a decent size. Housing already knows my concerns, but I don’t think my mind will rest until I see it with my own eyes and not a plan on paper.

Christmas and Other Things I Hate (Things I Hate, Book 1)
Written in the Stars (Written in the Stars, #1)

Bookish-wise, my priorities are Christmas and Other Things I Hate (Things I Hate #1) by Elizabeth McGivern and Written in the Stars (Written in the Stars #1) by Alexandria Bellefleur since they are my TBR for Newyearsathon. Hoping I like both because I found three books out of 5 from the Things I Hate series, and I also have book two from the Written in the Stars, Count Your Lucky Stars (Written in the Stars #3), which will be out February 1st

Count Your Lucky Stars (Written in the Stars, #3)
Love & Other Disasters

Keeping with one of my bookish resolutions, my TBR has 32 novels; they are all LGBT+. Plus, there are two book releases  I’m hoping I can get to, and they are The Bone Spindle (The Bone Spindle #1) by Leslie Vedder (January 11th ) and Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly (January 18th ). Fingers crossed, I will have time to finish more than four, but I have a busy month ahead and don’t want put unneeded stress on myself.



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