Readahin Announcement And TBR

Readathin is a month-long readathon, which will be happening this August. This readathon is Amanda from acourtofbooksandlove and Jessica from jescamarie493. You can use the hashtag #ReadathinAug19 to keep up with everyone and the fun reading sprints on the Readathin Twitter. Here are the reading challenges, which can be used as a guideline to help you choose the books you want to read.

There are Instagram challenges too. Make sure to use the hashtag #ReadathinPhotoAug19 so everyone can see them.


  1. Read a thin book

For this, I’m going with Jacky Ha-Ha (Jacky Ha-Ha #1) by James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein, Kerascoët (Illustrations).

Jacky Ha-Ha (Jacky Ha-Ha, #1)

It’s middle grade and a fast read.

  1. Read a book in a series

2nd Chance (Women’s Murder Club #2) by James Patterson, Andrew Gross.

2nd Chance (Women's Murder Club, #2)

  1. Read a book that’s been on your shelves for two years.

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia.

Eliza and Her Monsters

  1. Read a book with a bright coloured cover.

Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark T. Sullivan

Beneath a Scarlet Sky

  1. Read a book recommended by a friend.

1st to Die (Women’s Murder Club #1) by James Patterson

1st to Die (Women's Murder Club, #1)

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The Reading Rush Readathon + TBR

The Reading Rush, formerly known as BOOKTUBEATHON, is being hosted by Ariel and Raeleen. This year they created a website, where you can have your own profile, keeping up with how many pages you’re reading a day and earn badges. It’s starting from July 22TH to 28TH 2019.

Challenges and My TBR

1/ Read a book with purple on the cover

For this one, I’m going with Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life is a Joke (Jacky Ha-Ha #2) by James Patterson.

Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life is a Joke (Jacky Ha-Ha, #2)

2/ Read a book in the same spot the entire time

The book I’m choosing for this challenge is The Beach House by James Patterson, Peter de Jonge.

The Beach House

3/ Read a book you meant to read last year

For this one, I’m going with An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen.

An Anonymous Girl

4/ Read an author’s first book

Picking up The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen.

The Wife Between Us

5/ Read a book with a non-human main character

For this challenge, I’m reading The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

6/ Pick a book that has five or more words in the title

For this one I’ll go with, We Hope for Better Things by Erin Bartels.

We Hope for Better Things

7/ Read and watch a book to movie adaptation

For this challenge I’m reading the book, The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle.

The Good Liar Image result for The Good Liar

Bonus/ Read 7 books!

Very happy that I could come up with this list without adding to my to be read list.


My Reading Rush Profile

TheReadingRush Twitter

The Reading Rush YouTube

The Reading Rush


June To Be Read

by Christine Mangan

The last person Alice Shipley expected to see since arriving in Tangier with her new husband was Lucy Mason. After the accident at Bennington, the two friends—once inseparable roommates—haven’t spoken in over a year. But there Lucy was, trying to make things right and return to their old rhythms. Perhaps Alice should be happy. She has not adjusted to life in Morocco, too afraid to venture out into the bustling medinas and oppressive heat. Lucy—always fearless and independent—helps Alice emerge from her flat and explore the country.

But soon a familiar feeling starts to overtake Alice—she feels controlled and stifled by Lucy at every turn. Then Alice’s husband, John, goes missing, and Alice starts to question everything around her: her relationship with her enigmatic friend, her decision to ever come to Tangier, and her very own state of mind.

Tangerine is a sharp dagger of a book—a debut so tightly wound, so replete with exotic imagery and charm, so full of precise details and extraordinary craftsmanship, it will leave you absolutely breathless.

Million Love Songs
Million Love Songs
by Carole Matthews

After splitting up with her cheating ex-husband, Ruby Brown is ready for a change. She’s single again for the first time in years and she’s going to dive into this brave new world with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. The last thing she’s looking for is another serious relationship.

Mason Soames represents everything Ruby wants right now: he’s charming, handsome, and perfect for some no-strings-attached fun, and yet Ruby can’t help feel that something is missing. Joe Edwards, on the other hand, is also lovely and handsome but he comes with the sort of baggage Ruby wants to avoid: an annoyingly attractive ex-wife and two teenage children.

Ruby soon has some very tough decisions to make. Is she ready for a relationship of any kind, and what type of life does she really want? Because while Ruby may think she knows what she wants, is that what she needs to be truly happy?

Feel-good, wonderful and an absolute must-read from the queen of romance Carole Matthews, Ruby’s story will make you laugh, cry and leave you wanting more. It’s about to get emotional in Million Love Songs

In My Sister's Shoes
In My Sister’s Shoes
by Sinéad Moriarty

Kate O’Brien is thirty and has very little to think about except trying to keep her balance as she totters up London’s media-land ladder.

Fiona O’Brien is Kate’s responsible older sister – with a husband, twin boys, a dog and now … a life-changing problem.

It’s a problem that means Kate going back to Dublin. Pronto. There she finds herself stepping into Fiona’s shoes – and discovering that she’s definitely not cut out to be a domestic goddess. On top of that, the ex she thought she’d got over years ago turns up to haunt her.

Will either of the O’Brien sisters survive? And even if they do, can either of them slip back into their old shoes ever again?

Line of Fire (Nick Stone #19)
Line of Fire
(Nick Stone #19)
by Andy McNab

Nick Stone is back in an up-to-the-minute thriller – ripped fresh from the headlines.

Stone has returned to London.

The world is in a state of unrest and opportunists are looking to take advantage of an unstable world.

Their motives are unclear. But their threat is real.

Who are they really working for?

Bad Boy (Inspector Banks, #19)
Bad Boy
(Inspector Banks #19)
by Peter Robinson

A distraught woman arrives at the Eastvale police station desperate to speak to Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks. But Banks is abroad, and the woman’s revelation of a loaded gun hidden in her daughter Erin’s bedroom leads to a shocking fatality when a police armed-response team breaks into her house. The fallout will have dark consequences for Banks and his partner, DI Annie Cabbot. It turns out that Erin’s best friend is Banks’ own daughter, Tracy . . . who was last seen in the company of the weapon’s actual owner, a very bad boy indeed.

Now that his child is on the run with a psychopath, Banks finds himself caught in a bloody tangle of betrayal and murder. But the rogue DCI is a bit of a bad boy himself, and he’ll freely risk his life and career in the cause of love—and vengeance.

Piece of My Heart (Inspector Banks, #16)
Piece of My Heart
(Inspector Banks #16)
by Peter Robinson

1969… In an era of free love and rebellion, a dead body is discovered among the detritus of a recently concluded rock festival—a beautiful young woman stabbed so savagely through the chest that a piece of her heart was sliced off.

Now… A freelance journalist, a stranger to the region, is savagely bludgeoned to death in a shocking act of violence with no apparent motive.

Two murders separated by four decades are investigated by two very different but equally haunted investigators—one, a casualty of war unable to come to terms with a confusing new world; the other, a rogue policeman harbouring ghosts of his own. But the truth behind a grisly present-day slaying may somehow be hidden in the amplified, drug-induced fog of a notorious past, propelling Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks into the darkest shadows of the peace, love, and rock ‘n’ roll generation.

If you haven’t guessed yet by the blurbs, I was gifted those books or bought myself and I read or try to read any book I’m given. Now I will go on my Goodreads to read list and pick two books at random.

Whatever.: or how junior year became totally f$@ked
Whatever.: or how junior year became totally f$@ked
by S.J. Goslee
These Witches Don't Burn
These Witches Don’t Burn
(These Witches Don’t Burn #1)
by Isabel Sterling

Hannah’s a witch, but not the kind you’re thinking of. She’s the real deal, an Elemental with the power to control fire, earth, water, and air. But even though she lives in Salem, Massachusetts, her magic is a secret she has to keep to herself. If she’s ever caught using it in front of a Reg (read: non-witch), she could lose it. For good. So, Hannah spends most of her time avoiding her ex-girlfriend (and fellow Elemental Witch) Veronica, hanging out with her best friend, and working at the Fly by Night Cauldron selling candles and crystals to tourists, goths, and local Wiccans.

But dealing with her ex is the least of Hannah’s concerns when a terrifying blood ritual interrupts the end-of-school-year bonfire. Evidence of dark magic begins to appear all over Salem, and Hannah’s sure it’s the work of a deadly Blood Witch. The issue is, her coven is less than convinced, forcing Hannah to team up with the last person she wants to see: Veronica.

While the pair attempt to smoke out the Blood Witch at a house party, Hannah meets Morgan, a cute new ballerina in town. But trying to date amid a supernatural crisis is easier said than done, and Hannah will have to test the limits of her power if she’s going to save her coven and get the girl, especially when the attacks on Salem’s witches become deadlier by the day.

Soon June is pride month, I need LGBTQIA+ books recommendations I can add to my list this month. So use comments section to do that! Looking forward to hear what you want me to read.



May And Readathin Tbr

Just Juliet
Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan
Merge Ahead
Merge Ahead by Tanya Chris
When It's Right (Mile High Romance #1)
When It’s Right (Mile High Romance #1) by Aria Grace
When I'm Weak (Mile High Romance #2)
When I’m Weak (Mile High Romance #2) by Aria Grace
Soulswap (Twin Souls, #1)
Soulswap (Twin Souls #1) by Arizona Tape, Laura Greenwood
Would it be Okay to Love You? (Would it be Okay to Love You?, #1)
Would it be Okay to Love You? (Would It Be Okay to Love You? #1) by Amy Tasukada
Shane and Trey (Enemies to Lovers #1)
Shane and Trey (Enemies to Lovers #1) by Anyta Sunday
Girls Love Girls
Girls Love Girls by Liz Gavin
Temptation by Design
Temptation by Design by Andrea Dalling
The Rainbow Clause
The Rainbow Clause by Beth Bolden
Dare to Love (The Beautifully Broken, #4)
Dare to Love (Beautifully Broken #4) by Amanda Kaitlyn
The Rules of Love (Rulebook, #1)
The Rules of Love (Rulebook #1) by Cara Malone


City Boy (Hot Off the Ice, #1)
City Boy (Hot Off the Ice #1) by A.E. Wasp

As you can see from the book covers above I gathered all the LGBTQIA+ books I had in my kindle and decided to read them this month and if they don’t any challenges I can always use something from my tbr list on Goodreads. What are you reading this month?





April To Be Read

A Princess in Theory (Reluctant Royals, #1)
A Princess in Theory
(Reluctant Royals #1)
by Alyssa Cole

From acclaimed author Alyssa Cole comes the tale of a city Cinderella and her Prince Charming in disguise . . . 

Between grad school and multiple jobs, Naledi Smith doesn’t have time for fairy tales…or patience for the constant e-mails claiming she’s betrothed to an African prince. Sure. Right. Delete! As a former foster kid, she’s learned that the only things she can depend on are herself and the scientific method, and a silly e-mail won’t convince her otherwise.

Prince Thabiso is the sole heir to the throne of Thesolo, shouldering the hopes of his parents and his people. At the top of their list? His marriage. Ever dutiful, he tracks down his missing betrothed. When Naledi mistakes the prince for a pauper, Thabiso can’t resist the chance to experience life—and love—without the burden of his crown.

The chemistry between them is instant and irresistible, and flirty friendship quickly evolves into passionate nights. But when the truth is revealed, can a princess in theory become a princess ever after?

A Duke by Default (Reluctant Royals, #2)
A Duke by Default
(Reluctant Royals #2)

Award-winning author Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals series continues with a woman on a quest to be the heroine of her own story and the duke in shining armor she rescues along the way

New York City socialite and perpetual hot mess Portia Hobbs is tired of disappointing her family, friends, and—most importantly—herself. An apprenticeship with a struggling swordmaker in Scotland is a chance to use her expertise and discover what she’s capable of. Turns out she excels at aggravating her gruff silver fox boss…when she’s not having inappropriate fantasies about his sexy Scottish burr.

Tavish McKenzie doesn’t need a rich, spoiled American telling him how to run his armory…even if she is infuriatingly good at it. Tav tries to rebuff his apprentice, and his attraction to her, but when Portia accidentally discovers that he’s the secret son of a duke, rough-around-the-edges Tav becomes her newest makeover project.

Forging metal into weapons and armor is one thing, but when desire burns out of control and the media spotlight gets too hot to bear, can a commoner turned duke and his posh apprentice find lasting love?

Once Ghosted, Twice Shy (Reluctant Royals, #2.5)
Once Ghosted, Twice Shy
(Reluctant Royals #2.5)
by Alyssa Cole

While her boss the prince was busy wooing his betrothed, Likotsi had her own love affair after swiping right on a dating app. But her romance had ended in heartbreak, and now, back in NYC again, she’s determined to rediscover her joy—so of course she runs into the woman who broke her heart.

When Likotsi and Fabiola meet again on a stalled subway train months later, Fab asks for just one cup of tea. Likotsi, hoping to know why she was unceremoniously dumped, agrees. Tea and food soon leads to them exploring the city together, and their past, with Fab slowly revealing why she let Likotsi go, and both of them wondering if they can turn this second chance into a happily ever after.

Can't Escape Love (Reluctant Royals, #3.5)
Can’t Escape Love
(Reluctant Royals #3.5)
by Alyssa Cole

Regina Hobbs is nerdy by nature, businesswoman by nurture. She’s finally taking her pop culture-centered media enterprise, Girls with Glasses, to the next level, but the stress is forcing her to face a familiar supervillain: insomnia. The only thing that helps her sleep when things get this bad is the deep, soothing voice of puzzle-obsessed live streamer Gustave Nguyen. The problem? His archive has been deleted.

Gus has been tasked with creating an escape room themed around a romance anime…except he knows nothing about romance or anime. Then mega-nerd and anime expert Reggie comes calling, and they make a trade: his voice for her knowledge. But when their online friendship has IRL chemistry, will they be able to escape love?

Off Balance
Off Balance
by Dominique Moceanu, Paul Williams (Contributor), Teri Williams (Contributor)
In this searing and riveting New York Times bestseller, Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu reveals the dark underbelly of Olympic gymnastics, the true price of success…and the shocking secret about her past and her family that she only learned years later.

At fourteen years old, Dominique Moceanu was the youngest member of the 1996 US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics team, the first and only American women’s team to take gold at the Olympics. Her pixyish appearance and ferocious competitive drive quickly earned her the status of media darling. But behind the fame, the flawless floor routines, and the million-dollar smile, her life was a series of challenges and hardships.

Off Balance vividly delineates each of the dominating characters who contributed to Moceanu’s rise to the top, from her stubborn father and long-suffering mother to her mercurial coach, Bela Karolyi. Here, Moceanu finally shares the haunting stories of competition, her years of hiding injuries and pain out of fear of retribution from her coaches, and how she hit rock bottom after a public battle with her parents.

But medals, murder plots, drugs, and daring escapes aside (all of which figure into Moceanu’s incredible journey), the most unique aspect of her life is the family secret that Moceanu discovers, opening a new and unexpected chapter in her adult life. A mysterious letter from a stranger reveals that she has a second sister–born with a physical disability and given away at birth–who has nonetheless followed in Moceanu’s footsteps in an astonishing way.

A multilayered memoir that transcends the world of sports, Off Balance will touch anyone who has ever dared to dream of a better life.

The Music of What Happens
The Music of What Happens
by Bill Konigsberg 

Max: Chill. Sports. Video games. Gay and not a big deal, not to him, not to his mom, not to his buddies. And a secret: An encounter with an older kid that makes it hard to breathe, one that he doesn’t want to think about, ever.

Jordan: The opposite of chill. Poetry. His “wives” and the Chandler Mall. Never been kissed and searching for Mr. Right, who probably won’t like him anyway. And a secret: A spiraling out of control mother, and the knowledge that he’s the only one who can keep the family from falling apart.

Throw in a rickety, 1980s-era food truck called Coq Au Vinny. Add in prickly pears, cloud eggs, and a murky idea of what’s considered locally sourced and organic. Place it all in Mesa, Arizona, in June, where the temp regularly hits 114. And top it off with a touch of undeniable chemistry between utter opposites.

Over the course of one summer, two boys will have to face their biggest fears and decide what they’re willing to risk — to get the thing they want the most.

The Heart's Invisible Furies
The Heart’s Invisible Furies
by John Boyne


Cyril Avery is not a real Avery or at least that’s what his adoptive parents tell him. And he never will be. But if he isn’t a real Avery, then who is he?

Born out of wedlock to a teenage girl cast out from her rural Irish community and adopted by a well-to-do if eccentric Dublin couple via the intervention of a hunchbacked Redemptorist nun, Cyril is adrift in the world, anchored only tenuously by his heartfelt friendship with the infinitely more glamourous and dangerous Julian Woodbead.

At the mercy of fortune and coincidence, he will spend a lifetime coming to know himself and where he came from – and over his three score years and ten, will struggle to discover an identity, a home, a country and much more.

In this, Boyne’s most transcendent work to date, we are shown the story of Ireland from the 1940s to today through the eyes of one ordinary man. The Heart’s Invisible Furies is a novel to make you laugh and cry while reminding us all of the redemptive power of the human spirit.


The Nightingale
The Nightingale
by Kristin Hannah


France, 1939
In the quiet village of Carriveau, Vianne Mauriac says goodbye to her husband, Antoine, as he heads for the Front. She doesn’t believe that the Nazis will invade France…but invade they do, in droves of marching soldiers, in caravans of trucks and tanks, in planes that fill the skies and drop bombs upon the innocent. When France is overrun, Vianne is forced to take an enemy into her house, and suddenly her every move is watched; her life and her child’s life is at constant risk. Without food or money or hope, as danger escalates around her, she must make one terrible choice after another.

Vianne’s sister, Isabelle, is a rebellious eighteen-year-old girl, searching for purpose with all the reckless passion of youth. While thousands of Parisians march into the unknown terrors of war, she meets the compelling and mysterious Gäetan, a partisan who believes the French can fight the Nazis from within France, and she falls in love as only the young can…completely. When he betrays her, Isabelle races headlong into danger and joins the Resistance, never looking back or giving a thought to the real–and deadly–consequences.

The President Is Missing
The President Is Missing
by Bill Clinton, James Patterson, David Ellis

As the novel opens, a threat looms. Enemies are planning an attack of unprecedented scale on America. Uncertainty and fear grip Washington. There are whispers of cyberterror and espionage and a traitor in the cabinet. The President himself becomes a suspect, and then goes missing…

Set in real time, over the course of three days, The President Is Missing is one of the most dramatic thrillers in decades. And it could all really happen. The President Is Missing is Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s totally authentic and spellbinding thriller.

Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Where’d You Go, Bernadette
by Maria Semple

Bernadette Fox has vanished.

When her daughter Bee claims a family trip to Antarctica as a reward for perfect grades, Bernadette, a fiercely intelligent shut-in, throws herself into preparations for the trip. But worn down by years of trying to live the Seattle life she never wanted, Ms. Fox is on the brink of a meltdown. And after a school fundraiser goes disastrously awry at her hands, she disappears, leaving her family to pick up the pieces–which is exactly what Bee does, weaving together an elaborate web of emails, invoices, and school memos that reveals a secret past Bernadette has been hiding for decades. Where’d You Go Bernadette is an ingenious and unabashedly entertaining novel about a family coming to terms with who they are and the power of a daughter’s love for her mother.

I have to be honest, this is a massive to be read list. The shortest is Off Balance by by Dominique Moceanu at 256 pages. I have a ton of pages to read so I have my work cut out for me, even for a bookworm like me.


March To Be Read

Hey Guys,

This is my March to be read, I’ve a massive list of 13 books. To be honest, in my mind I’ve a lot more book I want to read this month but I short-listed the most I want to read.

The Heart's Invisible Furies
The Heart’s Invisible Furies
by John Boyne
One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, #1)
One for the Money
(Stephanie Plum #1)
by Janet Evanovich
Sleeping Giants (Themis Files, #1)
Sleeping Giants
(Themis Files #1)
by Sylvain Neuvel
Louisiana Longshot (Miss Fortune Mystery, #1)
Louisiana Longshot
(Miss Fortune Mystery #1)
by Jana Deleon
Code Name: Lise: The True Story of the Woman Who Became WWII's Most Highly Decorated Spy
Code Name: Lise: The True Story of the Woman Who Became WWII’s Most Highly Decorated Spy
by Larry Loftis
The Nightingale
The Nightingale
by Kristin Hannah
Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Where’d You Go, Bernadette
by Maria Semple
The President Is Missing
The President Is Missing
by Bill Clinton, James Patterson, David Ellis
On the Come Up
On the Come Up
by Angie Thomas




The Paragon Hotel
The Paragon Hotel
by Lyndsay Faye
The Wife Between Us
The Wife Between Us
by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen
An Anonymous Girl
An Anonymous Girl
by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen
Girl A: The truth about the Rochdale sex ring by the victim who stopped them
Girl A: The truth about the Rochdale sex ring by the victim who stopped them
by Girl A




So, here is what’s going I wasn’t going to take part in this readathon. Hence the late post but than I saw my friend Terra @ bookbanditblog posting her tbr and I asked if we want to have joint tbr and she said yes.

Let me back forward a bit, the Contemporary-A-Thon starts tomorrow the 11th till the 17th February and the announcement video,


Terra’s Picks

Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss by Kasie West

From Twinkle, with Love by Sandhya Menon

Alex’s Picks

Dear Martin by Nic Stone

Life Underwater by Matthew J. Metzger