1 Down 364 To Go

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Well, hopefully, I got that title right; since I’m not sure if it’s a leap year or not, my guess is it’s not. Do you know what I was doing around midnight last? Since around nine on New Year’s Eve, I finished what would be my last read 2021, which was Dear Sweet Pea (Dumplin’ #2.5) by Julie Murphy. So, I needed something to watch, and when I went on Netflix, I saw that Queer Eye Season 6 was released. It’s kind of cool that I spent the last few minutes of 2021 with the fab 5.

I watched a few minutes into episode 2 when this ball of emotions hit me, and the reason why is that the hero they are helping on that episode is a trans woman with the name of Angel. Her story hit me too close to home, and I had to take a break from it. At times, hearing and talking about transitioning can be anxiety-inducing for me. As a coping tool, if we are having a conversation, I would change the topic, or if it’s a movie/book, I take a break from it, and when I’m ready, I will go back to it.

Christmas and Other Things I Hate (Things I Hate, Book 1)

Some people don’t understand that just because I’m trans doesn’t have to mean that I’m okay with sharing that part of my life all the time. Anyway, this morning I started Christmas and Other Things I Hate (Things I Hate #1) by Elizabeth McGivern, and until about 35% in it, I doubted if it is LGBT+ to the point that I went to look on Goodreads to check.

Well, before I went to take a nap, I finished it, and I ended up giving it three stars. It was funny, but in my opinion, it was too rushed, being that it is only 120 pages. I mean, it touches topics like loss and suicide subjects that can’t be rushed through. I will continue on with the series, but sadly, I’m not as excited as I was about this series. Don’t get me wrong; it has potential, but I think it missed the mark here.

I hope you all had a happy and healthy New Year’s.



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