Top 5 Wednesday/ Author’s Tropes

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Top Five Wednesday has been taken over by Alex @The Scribe Owl. She has a book topic every Wednesday!

Like any human alive, I have my likes and dislike. When it comes to books, I’m pretty picky. Even if I try to give each book a chance, I’m still biased about what I like. Which is the reason why I have a hard accepting book for review.

Full of Detail Yet Simple:

Run, Rebel

As an author and a blogger, I try to avoid writing things that send you in circles. What I mean is that short and sweet is the best way to get your message across. Run, Rebel by Manjeet Mann does this perfectly. With a message that everyone needs to hear.

Grammarly Errors:

Magnifying, Glass, Detective, Looking, Lens, Proof
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A writing error here and there is acceptable because we are all human. In my opinion, imperfections make it feel natural and not done by a robot.

Sex Scenes:

Erotica, Net, Heels, Stockings, Woman, Naked
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It’s the kind of scenes I have never written any in my whole life because it’s something that I don’t really know where to start. I barely can handle reading them, but that comes from my view of my body.


Sütterlin, Handwriting, Typography, Font, Letter, Paper
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One thing that I wish authors be careful about is what fonts they use. Having said that, fonts aren’t always under the author’s control. Guess what? Some fonts are more dyslexia-friendly than others.

Rejection Letters:

Pile of Envelopes
Image from Pixabay

Let me tell you, having worked on a project for months, maybe years, just to get a rejection letter. It took me months to go back to writing, and I ended up self-publishing Dear Life when more of the publishing houses didn’t want to.



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