Trans In Books Part 1

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As you gather from last Monday’s post, I’m a bit touché on the subject. This is since talking about LGBT+ topics has become a bit of my life. Having said that I’m always on the search for trans authors or characters because it’s what I can relate to. My plan is to split this post into two lists—one with trans authors and books with trans characters and cis authors.

Starting things of Alex Gino, I have read George and Rick from them I loved George. I loved George, and when it comes to Rick, I liked a bit less. Although to be fair, I read George when I told myself that I need to love anything trans. Nowadays, I judge books more.

Q&A: Alex Gino, Author of 'RICK | The Nerd Daily
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When it comes to Meredith Russo, I read two books from her If I Was Your Girl, which I hope to re-read one day. I also read Birthday from her, and both books were five stars for me.

Meredith Russo
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Mason Deaver deserve all the hyper they get. In I Wish You All the Best, they write the character Ben so well. He recently wrote a novella with the same characters as I Wish You All the Best and proceeds went to National Center for Transgender Equality.

I Wish You All the Best” Gives YA a Nonbinary Protagonist | Bitch Media
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I have read four out of six novels by Kacen Callender, and I have to be honest the first 3 novels I read by them I found some issues. However, last year when Felix Ever After came out, I wanted more.

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I was lucky to read some of Matthew J. Metzger books, and in my opinion, they write some of the best trans characters I ever read.

Matthew J. Metzger
From Goodreads

Here are some of the trans authors I love. I kept short and sweet so, I’m sure I have more. I was thinking of making a list of biographies by trans people. My other idea is to write some of the cis authors that wrote transgender characters. What do you think let me know below!



8 thoughts on “Trans In Books Part 1

  1. I’ve written a series of 3 novellas with a trans character, but I’m not sure how he turned out. It was set in an alternate universe 1824, and the stilted bullshit language of the time didn’t have a good vocabulary regarding trans people. Also, for unrelated reasons, the second novella of the set needs to be entirely re-worked. For other, other unrelated reasons, they’re probably never leaving my computer.

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      1. Ergh, uh… at best I’d be willing to share #1, but 2 and three are not coming off the hard drive, haha. However, the moment where the character admits he’s trans is in novella 3, so… worried #1 alone would be a letdown.

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