The Liver and The Story with Mine Part 2

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Here’s part two of the post with my liver.

When I had my second attack, my surgeon, at the time booked surgery that April. However, in the meantime, my mum got diagnosed with cancer, so my surgery was postponed to June. The surgeon thought it was going to be a painless surgery that only takes 15 minutes. I have to honest my main worry was how I was going to wear a chest binder because without it I can’t go out of my home. Well, I could go, and I tried going out, but I had an anxiety attack.

Anyway, they put me to sleep and got me ready for key-hole surgery. Thus, when they entered from my belly button, I started to bleed too much for them to see anything. So, the next thing that they had to do was to up my ribcage area and do the cholecystectomy the old fashion way.

So, an operation that was supposed to take 15-20 minutes at the least took 4 hours and 44 staples. When I woke up, my oxygen levels kept staying low and kept like that for the upcoming days. By then, we knew that something was up. They took a scan to see if I have a blood clot or thrombus they didn’t find out.  

Which helped the doctors figure out that at some point, I had caught a chest infection. So, after a week in the hospital, I could go home. However, the doctors ordered two months out work since I worked in a school which sucked.

Fast-forward to last January or December (can’t remember), my endocrinologist was doing tests before he was going to start me on hormones. He found out that I had what we call in Maltese (a dirty liver) basically liver inflammation. Which was caused by a medicine I was taking. So, they took me off that medication, and slowly my liver has been getting better.

I recently got retested, and depending on my levels, I might be approved to start hormone therapy. Please keep your fingers cross for me.



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