September Wrap Up 2020 And The Winner Is..

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As you guys know, I have what feels like an endless number of books in my kindle. So, I got an idea of picking an author and reading all the books I have of theirs. I started it last month with Debbie Macomber and read five books from her, and I have to say that I find her books a bit outdated and I don’t think I will pick up any more books from her. I’m sorry about the covers being so blurry, but the new WordPress editor won’t let me use copy and paste.

The next author I read all the books I had of hers was Staci Hart, whose I had four books and my favourite was Toxic. I think the author I had the most works of is Susan Hatler because I read 13 of her works, and I love the characters she creates. Now it’s time to announce the winner of my 1,000 follower’s giveaways, and that winner is.

I’ll be in contact with you as soon as possible!

As for October, I will be doing poetry month, and I hope you enjoy it! Ok, that has to be a wrap. I never sweated so much to write a post as I did for this one. I’m sure I forgot to add some books I read this month since I reached 500 books read this year.



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