Switch The DJ

We all know that the world we are living in is still going through some hard times. However, stories like the one I’m blogging about today show female empowerment and light at the end of the tunnel. Erica Tandoh is better known as DJ Switch is only 10 but already making a name for herself in the music industry.

Erica Tandoh has already won awards like the Ghana DJ Awards where she was the youngest musician who won. Plus, taking home the title in the 2018 competition. She also won TV3’s Talented Kids contest in 2017. In a recent BBC interview, the young DJ said:

“Being a young DJ is not that difficult,” she said. “When you are being taught in school, you pick everything fast. So, when you are being taught to DJ, you also pick it up fast.”

When the interviewer asked her about her plans for the future. She said that DJing is her passion but that she wants to become a gynaecologist so that she will be able to help other women. Which shows you what a strong young women Erica is.

“DJing is my passion, but I want to be a gynaecologist because I want to help women,”

The message I would like you to take from this story is how vial it is to appreciate and admire the female power.



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