Top Ten Tuesday/ Books I Wish I Had As A Kid

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April 28: Books I Wish I Had Read As a Child.

I’m going to try and find the most 10 essential trans books for me that I only dreamt of as a child.

I know that this kind of posts doesn’t get as many views and likes as my others. But, posts like this one are some of the posts I enjoy doing the most.

Gracefully Grayson The Pants Project Lily and Dunkin

These three books are written in a way that explains gender issues that it might be suited for younger readers and a way to open up the discussion about gender.

Symptoms of Being Human

These two books are hands down my favourite books with a non-binary character, and I feel that the world needed books like these sooner.

None of the Above Alex As Well

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t know what intersex was until my early adulthood, which shows you how naive I was to the world around me. It’s the reason why I push for better education on this subject.

Gender Queer

I recently read this comic, and it’s perfect for teens who aren’t a fan of long books or a ton of words and let’s not forget some excellent artwork.

Finding Tranquility: A Love Story A Possibility of Whales

Two of the most remarkable stories of trans characters I read last week actually and you can see my review for Finding Tranquility: A Love Story by Laura Heffernan here.




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