How The World Has Changed In The Past Month

How it accelerated development online, companies are scrambling to shift online. Deliveries are being done with drones more. Manufacturing has shifted to being done by robots since it can no longer be done by humans due to social distancing that is ongoing all around the world. Which might bring the situation where some people end up losing their jobs since they are being replaced by robots. Who let’s face they don’t an income because they aren’t human beings.

Malta, our home country, has also experienced some tremendous shifts. People are having typical worries too. Many have lost their jobs or have to work from home, and end up asking themselves: Will I get paid? For all Maltese as I’m let to believe all people on this earth are thinking, when will our lives go back to normal?

It’s pretty normal to be concerned about friends with health problems – for instance, with diabetes, will they have the resources and support needed? What about family members abroad? That you might have lost contact with will they be okay?

Some positive aspects have emerged from this situation, however. People are getting closer to their families, and there’s more time for creativity. Finally, let’s conclude with something to bring a smile at this time. Take a look at these nurses who are dealing with their situation by busting off some dance moves. Take a look at them here.

Written by Neville and I.

7 thoughts on “How The World Has Changed In The Past Month

  1. This “work from home” is going to be anlther mark that distinguishes wealthier from the not-as-wealthy. Everything you can do from home now if you can afford to pay for all those services. Those of us with lower class jobs will still have to travel for work, pay for transportation (regardless of whether public infrastructure or if we lucky, our own vehicle), obtain our own groceries and other essentials, etc. Wealthier citizens who don’t have to travel if at all will soon complain why so many taxes must be used for a road infrastructure, many libertarians in west will advocate roads be once more privatized and thus further penalize us.

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    1. I get your point of view and being from what I saw on your blog you’re trans like me you can understand how expensive trans care is


      1. I was lucky. I had an employer who covered the bulk my health expenses. But I looked at those bills that told me what my copays, premiums, coinsurance was. On a $600/fortnightly paycheck (getting paid every other week), I paid $145 each paycheck so I could afford SRS. Even though all I had to pay was a $500 deductible for each surgery (one for chest, one for bottom), if I had to pay our of pocket for top surgery it would have been US$50k (NYC, baby, expensive!), and my hysterectomy was equally expensive. Luckily my surgeon was trained by what’s his name our of Belgrade, supposedly the best FtM doctor in the world.

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