More Things To Do On Lock Down

Since I think nearly everyone needs to stay inside due to this virus. I thought I would write down some ideas to pass the time while you’re are home. I know how hard it is to avoid triggers when you’re stuck at home.

  • Take your mind on a walk

Notice that I don’t say take your body on a walk because due to social distancing we can’t but our minds can. How to do this? Rethink about a good memory and the good feelings that you felt. It can also be done by looking at images that make you happy so that you can give your brain a bit of a break.

  • Art and Crafts

Nowadays you can find colouring pages for adults for free so, all you need is to print one and any kind of colours. You can also light a candle to create more of a calming environment. Search or think of crafts that you can do from things you find at home if that’s your cup of tea.

  • Start a blog or a YouTube Channel

If in the past or now you want to start a blog or a channel. But for a reason or another you didn’t, now might be the perfect time to do so. If you think about it’s a way to socialize without putting you or anyone else in danger. Since more people are at home, they are browsing for things to read or watch it might be easier to get an audience right now. It can also be a kind of income if in the current situation you can’t work.

  • Home Repairs and cleaning

If you have an idea of repairing something in your home or a dream project that you never had the time now you do. If you think of it as Spring cleaning coming early this year as a way to stop your mind from overthinking.

Luckily, both my family and I are still healthy and safe.



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