On Hard Days…

Man, the day I’m writing this post I’ve been having a few hard days, to the point that I didn’t want to leave my bed and go to my job and even though I still went to work I did work on autopilot. There are a few reasons why I want this post. The main goal is to acknowledge what I’m feeling, and if I have more days like this one which I’m sure I’ll going to have, I will go back and read what helps me to pick myself up. The other reason is that anyone reading this might be going through the same and the things that help me might you too.


To all book lovers, books always give us a sense of comfort. When I’m in this kind of mood, I look for books that have LGBT+ characters or deal with LGBT+ topics since those are the kind of books I can relate to the most.


The type of music that supports me during the hard times are songs like The Village by Wrabel. In which song he talks about being trans and coming out, which reminds me of all the things that I overcame and that I can stand on my own two feet or in my case on my chair.

LGBT+ Youtubers

People like Joey Graceffa and Ash Hardell not only do they entertain you but also share LGBT+ awareness with their audience. It also gives me hope that I can achieve success in my life no matter who I’m or who I love.

My ID Documents and Chest Binder

Last year I did get a name change which allowed me to change my name and gender maker on my id and passport even it took them three tries to get my gender maker right on my id card. My chest binder helps me overcome my anxiety and dysphoria so I can leave my house in the morning.

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