Benefits Of Having A Dog

I lived with dogs at home as long as I can remember. However, since I had to move for work and pets aren’t allowed at the place we rent. So, sadly I didn’t have my best friend with me anymore, which caused me an increase in anxiety and issues with mental health. When earlier this year, my anxiety got pretty bad, and anti-depressants didn’t help much, my psychologist asked me what helped me cope in the past, and I said my dog.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to write down some of the benefits of getting a dog.

  • Helps with stress and anxiety

Apart from research that shows that having a dog helps with stress and unlike humans, they don’t judge and are there to love on you no matter what you have going on in your life. Let me tell you anything is better than the joy of a four-legged friend.

  • Be more active and have a purpose

In a way, it gives you a reason to wake up in the morning because now another being needs you to stay alive and drive. Plus, dogs need to go on walks, and that helps their owner to get fresh air which gives the brain chemicals such as endorphins enables you to feel happier. Your body will thank you too because you’re keeping your body moving and you what they say if you keep moving that weight, you’ll keep losing. (I feel I have just created a song)

  • It can be a way to meet new people

When you have a dog, you can take him or her to the dog park/ dog training/puppy meetups and when saying hi to the other dogs, you can say hi to their owners and start a conversion which might end into a lovely friendship.

  • Dogs are funny

Apart from the fact of having someone to come home for and they’ll listen to anything you have to say with no judgement and guess what they will always be happy to see you. Dogs are smart, and it’s one of a kind entertainment teaching them tricks. Dogs can sense if you aren’t having a great day, and they will surely cheer you up.

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8 thoughts on “Benefits Of Having A Dog

  1. That all true what you have written, dogs can do all that and many more! They can be a true friend. I’m sorry you can’t have you dog with you. I always wanted to have a dog but I can’t due to the place I live in (too small). But I will move and have a dog in 2020, that is my not-resolution but the thing I am going to do for sure.
    Fun fact: I’ve red somewhere that dogs can smell time. Sniffing the air they know what part of the day it is and how long the owner has been gone.

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