Blogmas Day 29: The Christmas Princess (Wedding #5) by Patricia McLinn

April Gareaux had nowhere to live, and family had to take her in, to add salt to the injury her engagement is off plus a tedious job the holiday season wasn’t looking too good for her. Little did she know that the page was about to turn around and so will her.

When King Jozef of Bariavak, granddaughter’s was kidnapped as an infant, there was little hope of her coming back home alive. Due to an upcoming surgery and the kind’s age, his security team decided to search for a woman to take place and act like she was the king’s long-lost granddaughter for what could be the king’s last Christmas.

From the moment that April met the king, she became fond of him. When I was reading about the team plan, I was like oh no is April going to become this gold dragger now that she has money? However, this wasn’t the case, April was loyal and sweet even when someone tried to push her buttons she was always able to compose herself just like what a real princess would act which made me admire her.

Something else that I love was the way the author pictured Christmas in mind and put it on paper which made it come alive to me, and that isn’t the easiest thing to do with words. I gave this book which is perfect for the holidays a three of out five stars and here is my reason is I needed a dash more of spice.


The Christmas Princess (Wedding, #4)
The Christmas Princess
(Wedding #5)
by Patricia McLinn

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