Blogmas Day 21: 10 Wishes For 2020

  1. Get a book deal.
  2. Keep learning how to blog better.
  3. Get more writing jobs.
  4. Have a healthy family.
  5. Hoping my liver gets better so I can start hormones.
  6. For Malta to have better trans care.
  7. That the friendships I have to stay active.
  8. For my mental health to get better.
  9. To read more LGBT+ books.
  10. Collaborate with trans bloggers.

Image result for wishing star


5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 21: 10 Wishes For 2020

  1. Great list! Here’s hoping that both our families stay happy and healthy! 🙂 and if you do want to collaborate with another trans blogger, I propose myself haha! Anyways, lovely list and I hope this new season goes well for you!

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