What To Look For When Hiring A Writer


Writers all have their writing styles sometimes you need to do a bit of matchmaking. It would be ideal to look up a few things before hiring a writer for a project. Lookup their work especially blogs and websites, go in the comments and see what the public is saying. In a way, comments are the writer’s review. Are the articles/posts they are writing well researched?


Cost is something you should keep in mind since it is vital that the content creator, you’re working with is ready to work in the budget you set yourself. Compare prices, when you buy an object, you compare brands, and when you buy a service, you might want to do the same for the valuable content that you are paying to have produced.

Experience / Skills

I think that both Skills and having experience go together. It’s of little use to have a writer that has one or the other but, they can’t create the content that you need for your company or business to bring the traffic of readers that you need to create sales. Ask whoever you’re hiring question, one to avoid misunderstands and two so you can understand that the person you’re employing is capable of doing the work that needs accomplishment.

Drive/ Likable

Is the person you are working willing to help you promote your brand or project? Having someone that cares what you can affect how successful the result at the end is. Are they flexible in your working style? If the work vibes are right, you can work on different things together.


I think the best way to go about it is by your gut feeling and don’t be scared to use it when making your decision because that gut feeling is usually right and in your best interest. If you want to hire me or guest post on this blog, contact me at yokahaber@hotmail.com.



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