A Letter To Read In Five Years From Now

I bet this one won’t be easy to write, but I’m going to do it anyway. I’m at the moment in my life where I have a lot of paths that I can take, but I don’t know which the best for me. So, my first question is which route did you end up choosing? Hopefully, you have a better relationship with your mum and learn to open up.

Hey, did you finally managed to get hormones and do you feel any better? Have you changed your mind about love and relationships? Or maybe who knows you have a partner? Boy just remind yourself that you’ll be fine either way. Is your dog still alive? I hope she’s even if she is 13 already. I know you would miss her. Do you have more friends or you still lack in that department? Please send a text to them to see how they are doing. How is your sister doing? Have you spoken to her lately?

I hope you’re still healthy and happy have less anxiety than what you have now. Are you still blogging you? You better be since you recently blog every day? Do you have the same job? Or you managed to get a job in writing or blogging? You currently have 360 followers; did that get any better? I hope it did for your sake because you do work hard on it.

Past Alex to future and hopefully better,



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