Disability And Blame

Let me be honest and transparent; this wasn’t the post I had planning, but after the event that I just went to and all the feelings I felt I think I need to vent about this topic for many reasons but mainly so I can process what I’m feeling.

Ever since I was a little child, people blamed me for my disability, starting with my own father. This issue cost me a relationship with him. The same happened nearly a year ago, but this time the person was my ex who left me after only a few hours after he came to Malta and his reason for breaking with me was that he couldn’t cope with my Cerebral Palsy.

Today, there was my best friend and the closest person to me on this earth, I think, or at least I thought he was till tonight. He planned a picnic on the beach.  And I couldn’t access parts of the beach because of sand (if any of you are a wheelchair user you will understand what I’m about to say) wheelchair wheels get stuck in the sand and you won’t be able to move anywhere. All his friends wanted to go on the sand part. So, of course, I didn’t join them, and when I explained why my best friend said that’s just an excuse, so my safety became just an excuse in his eyes and that hurts me.

To all the people who have been blamed for your disability, it’s not you; it’s the other person or persons that are being only thinking of themselves or a better word for it selfish.


4 thoughts on “Disability And Blame

  1. Hey, in Hindi there is a saying, “Jake paav na fati biwai, wo kya Jane peer parayi.” It means, “if haven’t been there yourself, you can’t understand the pain”. So, it is not you, just them unable to understand you. So stay strong and yet, be ready to forgive if your friend comes around. 🙂

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