Bodies in the Water Inspector George Zammit by A.J. Aberford

I’m five minutes into this thriller and already have something to say, so postponing the post I had in mind and will write a review instead. A few months ago, a book blogger I follow posted a review of Bodies in the Water Inspector George Zammit by A.J. Aberford, which, to my surprise, it is set in Malta, where I live, Which is a first for me. For the get-to, we get a hint that it has to do with illegal immigration, and it is one of the most significant issues Malta faces being central.

A body was flowing close to the shore. At first, the police thought it was an immigrant who had drowned, but after further investigation, they found out it was a murder. I wonder if the author will deal with the topic of racism, especially regarding immigration and human trafficking, which of course, is a crime within a crime. I do wonder if the police would act differently if the victim were Maltese.

The author talks about a period when the Maltese government stopped allowing immigrants to enter Malta, this left people between borders and at sea. This action is, of course, a discard of human rights that led to street protests while E.U. countries figured out how to solve the problem. Personally, I don’t think putting people in detention centres for years is the best solution, and I believe education is always the best weapon. They are here now, and many won’t make it alive if we depart them to their countries.

In my opinion, law enforcement should focus more on punishing traffickers than the trafficked worldwide. I chose to discuss social and human issues here since they are more important to me to voice. However, it isn’t as action-packed as I thought or perhaps wanted it to be, and it has some woven in Maltese history, which is a nice touch. In the end, I gave it three stars.


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