Reading Blog #1 2023

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So I thought I would start the year right with a reading wrap-up. I started the year with the novel Dreamer by Peter James, and I had hopes for it since, during the holidays, I read Left You Dead by the same author and loved it. Sadly, Dreamer, I couldn’t get into it, and I don’t understand that ending because it didn’t make sense to me.

Then I picked up, One Foot in the Grave (The Mortician’s Daughter #1) by C.C. Hunter. It had that indie vibe which I liked; on the other hand, I wanted more of the dad’s background and how he ended up working as a mortician. I want to describe it this way if Ghost the movie and Ghost Whisperer tv show were teenagers. Keeping in mind that I’m not the target audience for it, I still liked it

If you know something about my reading, taste you that anything centred around royals, I will like I can’t help it. This one, for some reason, reminded me of Harry’s and Megan’s story and how love wins in the end. When I read No Ordinary Hate (A Gamble on Love Mom-Com #1) by Whitney Dineen earlier this week, I thought it was five stars like I rated it on Goodreads, but now that I’m sitting here I think I will knock it down to 4 stars because it good but not a wow.

The last two books on my Newyearsathon TBR were On the Loose (Katie Parker Productions #2) by Jenny B. Jones and Accidental Honeymoon by Miranda MacLeod. I wanted to like Katie pretty badly, and I did to a point, but I found her too naïve sometimes. In Accidental Honeymoon, I love the banter between Monica and Ray and how from enemies, they became lovers. Monica’s mum is a funny one. I initially rated it four stars, but I think it deserves a five. Overall, it wasn’t a bad reading week, and I finished my Newyearsathon TBR.



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