Semi Reindeer Readathon Wrap Up

Image is from Pexels

I can’t believe it’s time to wrap up Reindeer Readathon; as they said, you don’t see the time going by when you are having fun. This readathon was the first time I learned how to use discord, and believe me. I met some fantastic people, including Kristin, from Kristin Kraves Books; she’s a book blogger and BookTuber. It was excellent that you could join people in reading prints and making friends. Every day, I posted updates on Instagram and wanted to share them with you here too.

Day 1: So, I just finished the first prompt for the Reindeer readathon, and the challenge was to find A book with your favourite season on the cover or the book cover has colours from your favourite season on it. Can you guess what mine is? The book is All of Me (Journey’s End #4) by Ann Christopher.

Day 2: I finished Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner, which counts as A book you want to read but think it might be overhyped, and now that I have listened to it has been overhyped for my taste. It also counted for one of ‘the extras’ Christmas carols since it was in audio.

Day 3: I finished three novels, two of which I gave four stars. I picked The Noel Diary (The Noel Collection #1) by Richard Paul Evans for this post because I watched the movie adoption and loved it last week, and I read it for the prompt of starting a series.

Favourite Quote: You wrote in here that you would rather live an honest life than an admired one. You deserve both. It’s your life, not theirs. It’s your right to claim it.” I offered her the book. “It’s time to let go of the shame and walk free. The truth will set you free.”

Day 4: I just finished Kiss Her Once for Me by Alison Cochrun, which was good, but I think The Charm Offensive, Alison’s debut novel, have some of my favourite characters. Now, reading Sweet Montana Sky (Sweet Montana #1) by Lisa Mondello, that is, for the prompt, a book with an astronomical word in the title (sun, moon, star, sky etc.). Actually, if I finish this one, I will have completed all the challenges for the readathon.

Okay, I realised that if I had to do all of them like this, it would take me forever and might be a boring post some, even if it isn’t for me. Just in case you want to see all the updates, here is my Instagram.



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