Some Series I Have Been Watching

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The last two weeks surprised me because I worked some extra hours, and when I came home, I watched stuff instead of my norm, which is listening to a book or writing. I think the reason is that I’m pretty focused when I read and write, but with spending my energy working, I simply couldn’t focus. The need to take a break from reading, in a way, is good because I was able to watch shows that I had on my list.

I think I want to start with the shows that are still ongoing. 1000 LBS Sisters is in on its third season, and it is about Tammy and Amy Slaton, who are also YouTubers. Anyway, we follow them on what should be a weight loss journey. I remember that I watched the first episode on YouTube, and I liked the sisters’ sense of humour and how real they keep things, so I kept watching.

A series that caught my eye right now is 90-day fiancé before the 90 days season 5 because Aline, one of the cast members, has dwarfism. Which I think it’s a first for this franchise and its many versions. It’s about time that we get more diversity on reality shows. I’m sure it’s not like this everywhere, but from where I am, I feel that there is still some stigma regarding disability, sex and dating. So, yes, this season is making my heart. Catfish season 9 has episodes one and two out and craving weekly episodes.

I did finish some shows on Netflix, but I want to talk and share my opinion in a separate post, or else this one would be too long for my taste.



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