Try A Christmas Movie

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Around this time last year, I did the try a movie post, and it was fun to do, so I wanted to do it again. A Christmas movie tends to cheer me up if I feel low during the holidays. Nevertheless, I have to be honest and tell you that out of the three films I had in that post, I only watched Last Christmas and My Christmas Inn. So, Christmas Made to Order is still on my list.

A California Christmas is about a ranch about to foreclose and a family about to lose everything they have and the memories they shared in the last decades. When he comes with his carefree lifestyle on the line, a wealthy charmer poses as a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family’s land before Christmas.

Operation Christmas Drop is about an Air Force base at a beachside Congressional aide Erica decides to give up on a Christmas with her family since her boss orders her to fly to the base where she meets Capt. Andrew Jantz who tells her that her assignment is to reasons to keep the place open.

Sophie is a bestselling author facing a scandal when she visits a castle her grandpa used to tell her stories about. When she gets there, she learns that the castle is being sold, and the surprise is the grumpy duke who owns it.

I always wanted to see A Boy named Christmas, but I can’t find it on Netflix. I guess because I’m in Europe. Anyway, a friend of mine suggested it, and after I saw the trailer, I agree that the story is beautiful.

Note: All the movies I mentioned here are on Netflix, but availability depends on where you live.



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