The Christmas Song Book Tag

I think there is one thing not a lot of people know about me. While the holiday season can be a struggle for my mind, I still like Christmas books, movies and music. I just saw that Elle Unwrapping Words just did it. I went online and saw that Hailey In Bookland created the original one. I’m choosing to do Elle’s questions.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

A couple you can’t help but root for

Christmas Ever After

A novel I’m in the middle of for reindeer readathon is Christmas Ever After by Karen Schaler, and the two I’m talking about are Riley and Luke. The two can’t be more opposites; however, as we all know, opposites attract in the end.

Fairytale of New York

Broken people who find each other

Long Winter (Wild Ones #1)

In Long Winter (Wild Ones #1) by Rachel Ember, Lance and Robbie are characters that enter your heart with how broken they feel at the start, even if it’s for different reasons.

Please Come Home for Christmas

Going on a quest

Third Daughter (Royals of Dharia, #1)

It follows a royal daughter who goes on a personal journey apart from the physical one.

I Believe in Father Christmas

A grumpy and/or cynical main character

The Christmas Contest

The Christmas Contest by Theresa Sederholt is a 45-page novella that came out this year; this is one of those that will pull at your heartstrings. Plus, it is currently free on Amazon.

I don’t really know who would enjoy doing this one, so leaving it open to everyone.



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