Fist of crop man near helpless anonymous woman
Image from Pexels

Being a man
Doesn’t give you the right
To disrespect a woman
Whatever she desires
She is allowed to wear
And she doesn’t need you
To stare
Being her husband
Doesn’t give you the right
To grab her
By her hair



7 thoughts on “Man

  1. Any person male female non binary has no right to treat others like this do you know how many mens abuse has gone unspoken about as because of the stigma attached to being weak not manly enough if he’s abused I try not to be sexist but women get aw hon r u OK huge hugs men are bastards etc lots of sympathy man gets u r weak why you let her do that you pussy etc so lots men suffer in silence n often it kills them by one way or another I’m not saying women being treated badly isn’t a bad thing it is equality goes both ways

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