A Little Bit About The Country I Call Home

History Behind the Maltese Flag - Reveal Malta
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Even if I was born and grew up in Malta, and I had history lessons from which I remember zero, which is a shame. So, today my friend the internet will answer my questions about the country I live in.

The Maltese population?

According to the Worldometer, the Maltese population is about 441,543 people, and that makes up about 0.01 of the total world population. Yes, we are small but remember what the English good things come in small doses.

Maltese As A Language

Maltese is a language spoken by people who live in Malta or have roots to Malta since it’s our mother tongue. This language is formed from three other languages Arabic, Italian and English. Which the three mean countries that occupied before Malta became independent on 21st September 1964.

Tomorrow Is The Last Day Your Maltese Lira Will Ever Be Valuable ...
The Lira Coins

The Lira

We did have our own currency from 1972 until 31 December 2007 called the lira. However, when we joined the EU in 2004, and then in 2007 the euro exchange took over. Even if I was eleven when Malta changed its currency. I couldn’t remember what our money looked like, which is sad.

Maltese Lira notes can be exchanged for euro by 31 January 2018
The Lira Notes

I hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting reading about this island I live and love.


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