Mr Bigglesworth The Star

Since I’m still on lockdown, I’m finding myself browsing the internet more than ever. I was on Bored Panda, and that’s how I bumped into this next story. This post will show you how to judge a book by its book as they say. This is how the story of Mr Bigglesworth started when Cassandra was on Facebook when she saw that a local breeder posted about his latest bunnies that he had for sale. However, in the same ad, it said that the hairless rabbit wasn’t for sale.

Cassandra messaged the breeder to see if she could see more photos of the hairless rabbit (who has a since she never saw one before. He sent pictures and told her that she can have him for free since he had to put down the last rabbit like him. The next day, she when to the address and the breeder gave her the bunny.

When she got home, the family became worried because they didn’t know if he was going to make it. Looking for information on the internet didn’t help, so she posted his photos on the Instagram of her other rabbits. That night that Instagram was renamed loafy_mrbigglesworth in the hopes that someone would know more about his condition.

Within a week, people began to post about him even The Daily Mail ran a feature. Soon after people around the world, who have rabbits with the same condition started to share stories and tips. The reason behind his condition is because Mr Bigglesworth parents have an ff gene (hairless gene). If two rabbits are bred with the same gene, they will produce a hairless rabbit in every litter, and most of them don’t make it.

Not only is he a lucky bunny that uplifts so many lives as can be shown by the countless of messages he gets. He when from being considered as an underdog to an online star. You find out more about Mr Bigglesworth in the links below, and I hope he brings some joy too.

Mr Bigglesworth’s Instagram

Mr Bigglesworth’s Site

Mr Bigglesworth’s Facebook

Mr Bigglesworth the story so far






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