Schools Are On Lockdown

Sadly, the coronavirus also has known as CONVID 19 took over the world, and many people lost their lives in the hands of this virus. Against all our hopes, this deadly virus entered Malta a few days ago. Till the day I’m writing this post which is Friday the 13th 12 cases were reported by the media of which one person already healed. All the people who got infected were abroad so far, no in community case.

However, places like schools are on lockdown. Which leaves me without a job and not sure if I’ll get an income which worries me. On the other hand, I get it why the government is thinking about putting everyone on lockdown not to let it spread faster. For people like me who don’t have the healthiest lungs, life is scary. While writing this post, every kind of thought is going through my mind. Like my family, my dogs and this guy I think I have feelings for because I never had the chance to meet in person. One disease that puts everybody’s life on standstill and you don’t when or if you’ll get your life back.

As a blogger, I feel responsible for giving you all the precautions and things that might help you fight this thing.

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Practice respiratory hygiene
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early

Please keep safe and support each other online,


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6 thoughts on “Schools Are On Lockdown

    1. They did to protect the kids and in a way it works only four more case. Four nurses, but they didn’t get it from the hospital.


  1. Scary times indeed. Whilst being in the group our government here in the UK class as vulnerable I am of course worried about this virus but at the moment I’m actually more worried that we are hearing so many reports of the inhumanity of certain factions of society – of people stock piling foodstuffs and stealing hand sanitiser from hospitals … the list goes on. Thank goodness that we are now also beginning to hear reports of wonderful acts of kindness.
    Like many of my fellow Brits I’m also wishing for clear and concise information when so far all we are getting is vague and contradictory guidance.
    Wishing you and yours well, best wishes

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