More From Life by S.J. Crabb

Even though the main character in the book Amanda and my life have nothing in common since she is a single mother of two teens and I don’t have kids, however, I know what is like you need to go away from your life.

I have to say that I find the way she managed to escape her everyday life in quite a unique opportunity when her mum found an ad where someone was asking for a person to go with another guy on holiday undercover. This unknown companion that unlike what Amanda was dreaming he would be when she met him, he was the rudest guy on earth at least at first. Amanda’s mother is a senior but also a social media queen which is fantastic.

In a way, this book reminds of online dating but when the person you’re talking to and sometimes even falling in love with is a catfish (when a person says they are this person that they aren’t) I like that Amanda took time to find herself and her freedom once again.

I find Amanda’s real but still funny; however, I disliked the comments, Amanda on her daughter, since the person her daughter kissed might be a girl. It also that Edward’s rudeness is a mask to hide the grief he is going through after having his wife. It also made me think how easy you can misjudge a person from their looks.

Two people who are looking for love without knowing might fall in love with each other while understanding their new life. The exciting thing that I found in this book is that it touches on how marketing works, which isn’t something that I usually find in rom-com. I give More From Life by S.J. Crabb four stars out of five.

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