Top Ten Tuesday/ Hope To Give 5 Stars

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February 4: Books On My TBR I Predict Will Be 5-Star Reads

Testing an old idiom of ‘judging a book by its cover.’ By looking at the covers than look on Goodreads and try and figure out why I would give it five stars. Which will not be an easy task to pick just ten books because I have over 5920 books on my kindle. That I collected since 2015 and most of them I got them for free.

Don't Read the Comments
Don’t Read the Comments
by Eric Smith

My Reason:

This book came out a few days ago, and from what I’ve heard, it might be something that I might like.

Fat Girl (Romance in Rehoboth #1)
Fat Girl
(Romance in Rehoboth #1)
by K.L. Montgomery

My Reason:

I love some big girl representation when made well.

Hurricane Child
Hurricane Child
by Kheryn Callender

My Reason:

This book has been on my radar for some time so hopefully, it delivers, plus it’s a beautiful cover.

Dirty Darlings
Dirty Darlings
by Catherine Chagra

My Reason:

I know that this cover is nothing special, but I love myself some true-crime or what I hope to be a true crime.

We Used To Be Friends
We Used To Be Friends
by Amy Spalding

My Reason:

Trying to read more friends to lovers’ kind of reads.

Relic (The Morelville Mysteries, #1)
(The Morelville Mysteries #1)
by Anne Hagan

My Reason:

This cover is a bit weird looking and I tend to love weird plus it has mystery and LGBT+, which is the recipe for a fantastic book.

Saving Ferris
Saving Ferris
by A R Kennedy

My Reason:

If you know me, you know that I’m a sucker for any book dog-related especially, since I got the puppies.

Let Me Show You (True-Blue, #1)
Let Me Show You
(True-Blue #1)
by Becca Seymour

My Reason:

Let Me Show You, sounds like a cute gay romance which always makes me happy.

The Zodiac Killer (Zodiac Killers #1)
The Zodiac Killer
(Zodiac Killers #1)
by W.L. Knightl

My Reason:

I’ve been loving anything zodiac or star-related, and if I like this one, I have the next two books in the series.

Vegas Lies (Lies #3)
Vegas Lies
(Lies #3)
by Andrew Cunningham

My Reason:

I read the first two pages last month and it sucks me in.




5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday/ Hope To Give 5 Stars

  1. I do love the cover of Saving Ferris but I’m the opposite to you. Almost without exception I’m put off books featuring animals on the cover (unless its a cozy mystery featuring a cute cartoon-like cat/dog) as I just know at some point that animal is going to find itself in danger, hurt … or worse … and I know I’ll end up in tears.

    As for the resat of the covers, it is only Don’t Read the Comments that appeals to me and even then I think its less about the cover and more about my being intrigued by the title.

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