Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Movies I Want To Watch On Netflix!

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

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So, when I watched ‘A Christmas Prince’ I fell in love with each character in their own way, as it shows in my review here. Then, ‘A Christmas Prince The Royal Wedding’ and I felt all the warm frizzy feeling. So, it’s no surprise to say that I’m excited about the release of ‘A Christmas Prince The Royal Baby’ on December 5th.

The Knight Before Christmas

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‘The Knight Before Christmas’ looks like a feel-good Christmas movie that I’m all here for all year round but especial this time of year, this movie just came out on Netflix a few days ago.

Holiday In The Wild

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So, in all honesty, I don’t think I would like to watch this movie when Netflix first pitched out because I thought it was going to be too cheesy for my taste but, then the trailer came out, and I watched it, I thought it might have a right meaning behind it.

48 Christmas Wishes

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I believe that the Christmas season is a time where we sit and reflect on our lives and why not day-dream a bit, which makes ‘48 Christmas Wishes’ the perfect film to watch while sitting by the fireplace.


5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Movies I Want To Watch On Netflix!

  1. The knight before Christmas was super cute!!
    Holiday in the wild is a must see for anyone! Such a feel good, Christmas romance movie and who doesn’t love elephants?

    If you’re looking for a good Christmas tv show on Netflix, I’d recommend Merry Happy Whatever. The episodes are about 30 mins each and it’s just so cute!

    Love this blog post by the way!

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