Solo by Kwame Alexander, Mary Rand Hess

I just finished Solo by Kwame Alexander, Mary Rand Hess and here are my thoughts about this book. The main character Blade Morrison an upcoming singer, whose father is Rutherford Morrison, a megastar of Rock and Roll. There were a few things that touched me when I was reading Blade’s life. From the first few verses, since this novel is written in verse, it got me hooked and made me want to read more.

Being rich didn’t go over Blade’s head which isn’t very easy to do in today’s life. A family falling apart due to addiction and Blade rather have a healthy family than have everything that money can buy. As a reader to see such a talented person as Blade live a normal life gives me hope in the kindness of humans even if in this case, it’s in a fiction world.

If I have to choose one life lesson from Solo is that to have the blood in veins as your parents it’s not what makes them your family. However, the bond in between you is what makes your family unbreakable and being honest and vulnerable to the people you love means much more than anything money can buy.

Writing poetry isn’t the easiest way to get your message through to however is reading your work because poetry tends to get misunderstood so making each piece to flow together into a novel is even more challenging so I hand over my hat to the authors for being able to do that. This book has mix media from verse to songs which caught my eye, and I’m curious which author wrote what.

I gave Solo by Kwame Alexander, Mary Rand Hess four stars out of five, the reason being that the ending was a bit too vague for my taste and I needed something stronger as an end.


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