Every Day Is a Holiday (Every Day Is a Holiday #1) by George Mahood

Oh man, I don’t know how I’m writing my thoughts about this book. I got the vibe that the author was suffering a mid-life crisis even if he is only in his 30s. As a reader and author, I don’t know why he started his book the way he did especially since this is a memoir of his life, it might be a bit off-putting if you’re a person that judges a book by the first few pages.

It shows the reality of stay at home dad and taking care of his young kids while working for home at the same time. As you guys know, every day is a national day for something like recently, there was the national reading, for example. In Every Day Is A Holiday George Mahood decided to a list of national days for the next six months and did things based on that nation day to celebrate each day which is not an easy task. So good job just for that.

He created challenges like man vs tin where he prepares a meal from an unlabelled tin and then posted about it and the result of what he came up with on Facebook. I’m not going to lie this book will make you laugh and think about life a bit more, he always gives tips for when it comes to self-publishing a book.

I give Every Day Is a Holiday (Every Day Is a Holiday #1) by George Mahood a three of five stars and the reason it didn’t get the full five stars for me is that I didn’t like the beginning of this book, but on the whole, it’s a pretty good book.


Every Day Is a Holiday


19 thoughts on “Every Day Is a Holiday (Every Day Is a Holiday #1) by George Mahood

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    Nice to have met you Alex, thanks for stopping by Pen and Paper. I’ve enjoyed having a browse around your blog, you feature some great things.

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